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how long do you take to wash your dreads?

10 years ago
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ihaven'tseen this asked here so ill just go ahead and ask.

how long does it take to wash your precious dreads? for me i take about half an hour, getting my hair wet, then wetting it with backing soda,rinsingit then adding the applevinegarand a final rinse.

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Rainbow Fortune
10 years ago
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Well, it takes me about the same amount of time as it did pre-dreading. About 3 minutes. :D

I wet my hair, put the shampoo on, lather it up, rinse, and that's it.

It took me about 12 minutes when I was experimenting with BS, since I would let it sit for about 10 minutes to soak, but I had to give it up due to hard water.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10 years ago
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it varies if i use baking soda close to 1/2 hour but now i use sgampoo more so id say 6 to 10 min cause i rinse rinse rinse like crazy it takes 3 minutes just to get the dread s wet and ui do my head in 1/4s well beard 1st rinse right front quick rinse leg=ft front quick rince right back ro=inse left back and then i do a real thourough rinse for several minutes at least

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