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Dreadlock Nightmares...

Steff A Roo
6 years ago
25 posts

Does anybody else have nightmares about their dreads breaking off?

I've had the same dream two nights running about my dreads snapping off and wake up devastated checking they're still there! It's quite funny really as I used to have a similar dream about my teeth falling out which were and still are very important to me. Is this some sort of bonding process that everyone goes through like when you have kids and have night terrors about them being taken away from you? My dreads are like my new babies, I guess. So, anybody else have this?

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6 years ago
37 posts

Hehe, yes...I have that same kinda dream about thems breaking off. It's very strange...I hates it -_-

Jamison Johnston
6 years ago
17 posts
I've had dreams that I was held down and they were straight up ripped from my scalp
6 years ago
62 posts
Dread nightmares? Interesting... I can't say I've ever had those. Although mine are kind of thick. I can't really imagine them breaking off. I suppose it's possible though.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,528 posts

i cant remember any like that but i had 1 dream, there was a gathering, byt was literaly like across a river from a big city almost a futuristic city strange architecture 1/2 the dream was in the city then went cross the river (there was like a weird theme park like way yiu had to cross the river sliding through tubes, swinging on a rope, i cant remember it all it was a detailed dream) anyways after wandering around the gathering me and 6 or 7 ppl find a cave 2 decided to climb down in and fell the last bit and couldn't get out

the only way we could get them out was to hang me by my feet over the edge down into the cave so my dreads hung down further and they climbed up my dreads

but then they were having trouble pulling me back up and i slipped but my dreads tangled on a rock an d kept me from falling head

first to the bottom..then i was just dangling there by my dreads while they were trying to figure out how to get me out now..

then i woke up as they started to slip..

hmm i had that dream years ago just remembered it now..

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 9 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international
6 years ago
35 posts

This is actualy the reason i started looking at dreadlock sites an joined this page.

I was tellin my friend that id pretty much decided to dread my hair and she was fairly negative about it - typical ignorance, they smell. theyre dirty. ull never be able to do anything with them. u wont be able to get anew job.....

well tht night i had a dream that i had loads of dreads.. like 100s and they were really weighing me down and making me tired... so i sat down and had a rest .... then they started to wind round me an cucoon me.

i ended up in aa giant ball of dreads like violet from charlie and the choclate factory with just my hands and feet poking out!!!

*neither this nor may friends neggy attitude has put me off!!*

Rebecca Woods
6 years ago
3 posts

Well actually dreams about your teething falling out is a symbol that you grind your teeth at night. As for the dreads breaking off I have no idea I have actually had a similar dream not too long ago where I had woke up and my dreads didnt necessarily snap off but simply fell off and then I had a clean shaven head and I wouldn't stop rubbing and feeling my head and I was in distress the entire dream lol.

Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

I've never had that nightmare, but I imagine a lot of people with dreads just starting out do have them. It must be one of those normal fears that are similar to the other ones you described. As long as your dreads are healthy, the only way they'll fall off is if you cut them off :)

Steff A Roo
6 years ago
25 posts

Glad I'm not the only one then lol. Coming up 3 weeks with my baby dreads and I am in love with them! I've had to separate a couple and start again with them as they were separating half way down each dread. But it's cool, I now have 44 dreads. Despite separating them to start with, using the T'n'R method, they still have a mind of their own and do their own thing. I have a bit of loose hair, but I kinda like it. I will upload another photo once I hit the one month mark.


6 years ago
35 posts

cool cool, remember u signing up bout the same time as me. will be cool to see a pic. im still pocrastinating!! waiting to meet up with my friends to help section my hair, its crazy long with layers and is a bit mental so need help!!

hows ur boyfriend taking to ur dreads, i remember u sayin he wsnt so keen?!?


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