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So i have h1n1

14 years ago
118 posts
this sucks. Not as bad as some of the other times ive had the flu but it still sucks pretty hard. Low fever, congestion, runny nose, cough, weakness and sore as hell.yay...
updated by @daniel: 02/14/15 07:36:29AM
14 years ago
40 posts
Awe fuck I'm sorry man
Ian Provo
14 years ago
6 posts
wow man i hope you get better!!!
14 years ago
77 posts
Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon. May want to go get some good treatment A.S.A.P
Electric Mama
14 years ago
80 posts
get well soon!!
Adam Ligster
14 years ago
22 posts
My friend was student teaching at a local school that came down hard with it and caught it he was down for a good few days. sry to hear that get well soon
Matted Dew
14 years ago
213 posts
ya i feels yah mani jus got over a bug like that n i really kinda feel it was swine shiteither way i really believe swine flu is jus like every other flupeople die from the normal flu all das time but no1 really talks about itnews channels jus love to hav u scurred of sumthin n this is the new itNamaste
hippie mama
14 years ago
154 posts
awe pig flu is no fun i just hope my son dont get it. its kill over 86 children
Jayah O
14 years ago
38 posts
What matted dew said is correct, lots of people die from regular flu every year. I remember S.A.R.S and Avian flu, those were meant to be huge pandemics. People died yes, but it was no huge pandemic. My father hadteh Asian flu in the late 50's..he was sick as hell, but he lived..and made me :) Don't stress, stress can make you more prone to getting sick.Daniel, how did you find out you have H1N1? I want to be tested for it, I think my whole family has already had it. In fact, I think we have it now..ugh! Kim hippie mama said:
awe pig flu is no fun i just hope my son dont get it. its kill over 86 children
14 years ago
70 posts
You'll be out and about in no time:)
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