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3 1/2 mnth where i'm at and pics.

6 years ago
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Hello....i used twist and rip then neglect. no sectioning just grabbed hair. Dreads 3 1/2 mnths old. I have tons of hair. My hair is dreading really fast for 3 1/2 mnths. I was a little sad yesterday because I asked my husband 2 section my hair (pull apart)and he couldn't handle it :( He sayed the back was forming one big dread at the roots and I need professional help with them..LOL.I admit it looks a bit of a nest right now. I've went to seperating every other day. Is that too much? When I separate my dreads it never seems to seperate all the way to the scalp.I pull two dreads apart and all you see is hair in the middle. Just need 2 know if everythings ok. :) I've attached pics.

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6 years ago
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Your dreads look beautiful!

Anyhoo, I'm not too sure about the sectioning issue but I'm sure SE will pop over and clear that up at some point (or some other.) I'm only at 1 month and I tend to randomly separate my dreads each day (ie, not all of them every day but I will be sitting casually at the comp or watching a flick and grab and pull apart a couple.) Hehe, I would be interested in hearing the answer to this question for future reference. :)

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6 years ago
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They loo great!Just seperate as u feel u needBut try to get it well seerated

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6 years ago
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thankx everyone...:)

Baba Fats
6 years ago
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They look just fine. And as for sectioning, you don't want to see scalp at the root. That would mean that you are pulling hairs out of your head instead of just away from other locks. When you see people with scalp showing between their locks, you are seeing people about to start going bald from mistreating their hair. Every other day seems like a lot, but if that's how your locks look at 3.5 months, then it's probably not bad. Just be careful that you aren't pulling too much that you start weakening the root. Seeing hair between locks at you scalp is fine.

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