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Nearly two years later

Porter Partin
6 years ago
2 posts

(move if wrong place) I started this dreading thing back in August 2010 and it's been almost two years since I've had 'em. along the way a bunch had to be twisted together or just cut off all together because they were too dirty. I started it off with beeswax but now the only product I use is this Jamaican Mango and Lime, and that's only if one feels loose/new hair grows in.

What do you think? Do my dreads look fine after almost two years?

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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Why were they too dirty don't ya wash them?You got to remove the wax..stop twisting stop using gels,and wash often

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6 years ago
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i'm sorry I don't know about your hair type. Other than it has the ability to grow some amazing ivory masterpeices.:) So i apologize.. this is from an ignorant point of view. How long was you hair when you started dreads? How often do you twist them? Will breaking be an issue because your dreads are so thin? Would you mind letting them go natural? or would the new growth and loose hair not work for you? How do you think they are doing?i guess i'm asking you to educate me...LOL :)

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