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Seriously, ouch!

7 years ago
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i like to separate my hair when its dry. i was finding that i was creating a lot more loose hair when it was wet because it looked like hair was attaching to another dread but it really wasn't. also don't separate in front of the mirror. you'll be way more obsessive if you do plus its easier to just feel around and pull or rip when you really feel like you need to. i'm letting some of mine congo anyway:)

updated by @heather: 07/23/15 05:21:12AM
7 years ago
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thanks heather. i think ill do it when it's dry. to me it actually hurts more when its wet. and that's definitely a good idea not to look in the mirror too much.

Matt Matt
7 years ago
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Why does everyone constantly separate their dreads? Cognos are awesome.

7 years ago
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i have extremely curly natural hair, and since having began the natural dread path around 4 months ago i have been caught off guard and got snuck up on by some congos that are definitely there to stay already.i half way want to ocd separate them, but i feel like if it's what they wanna do, who am i to stop them. lol

7 years ago
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Hair is much more elastic when its wet - so you would have a hell of a time when wet, have a look at how thick the dreads are in the first place, the thinner the dreds the more work! People usualy think to join 2 dreds 2gether at a time, but I say if there quite thin join 4 in a square 2gether, if they are thick dreads they won't try to join anymore, thats why real natural dreads are thicker.


Baba Fats
6 years ago
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Ripping them apart can be uncomfortable. It's also a sign of OCD if you do it all the time. If you are separating that often, you are probably bruising your scalp. If you let them be for a day or two, you might have a bunch to do, but you can do it in one sitting and be done. If you do it multiple times a day, you're just going to be sore from the last time, and keep that soreness up. I;d get some peppermint oil and jojoba oil in a spray bottle with some water, and use that. That mixture is great for reliving pain in muscles. It'd probably work wonders on your scalp too. Plus, adding a little oil to your hair might make it easier to pull them apart.

You definitely want to let your scalp sooth itself before you keep going.

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