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How many dreadlocks do you all have?

To Live Is To Dye
4 years ago
10 posts


updated by @to-live-is-to-dye: 07/23/15 06:52:55PM
Jo Jo Dominguez
4 years ago
1 posts
4 years ago
51 posts

I just counted 114 but could be a bit out as they wouldn't stay put. I'm at just over a year now and apart from the wrapped ones where I've grown out my fringe the others are pretty tightly formed. They vary from tiny babies which I think are forming from the hairs that got pulled loose or broke when I was separating early on up to a few which are about 8-10mm but mostly they'd be 5-6mm.

4 years ago
12 posts

I have..60ish dreads.but my bang is not dreaded and I'm going to let he grow and let her do her stuff.

4 years ago
390 posts

The last time I counted them all, I had 116.

Hannah Wilson
4 years ago
10 posts
I've got somewhere between 50-60. Some have congoed and I've got some babies. Always changing!
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