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Who else had/has to deal with people telling them they should get their dreads done "properly"?

6 years ago
9 posts
I get it occasionally, only from people who don't know that by not combing your hair is the proper method! Any one else get this sort of input from friends/randoms?
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,322 posts

you mean the you should go to a salon thing?


very rare

and only by total newbs that just had em done at a salon and look ridiculous

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6 years ago
16 posts

A guy tells me from time to time "Hey man, haven't you started growing dreads? Go get 'em done at a salon, wax and stuff."

I just tell him that wax is really bad and I don't have 300$ to spend on something that happens naturally and for free.

6 years ago
43 posts

As soon as i did mine, my brother and sister magically became experts on the subject. Year and a bit later they still say it once in a while.

Baba Fats
6 years ago
2,730 posts

I'm getting married in a few months. When we first got engaged, my mom kept telling me that I should cut my 4 year old locks off and grow my hair back and then she'd pay for me to have them done "properly" at a salon. I keep telling her that they ruin locks, but she still at least wants me to clean them up for the wedding.

My aunt is still under the impression that locks will make me go bald faster, but I try telling her that if I don't mess with them, they are the healthiest hairstyle to have. The only thing that will make me go bald is my genes. And yes, I will go bald. I know it. But as long as I have hair, I'll have locks.

Tara C
6 years ago
645 posts

Only my mum. She doesn't anymore, but obviously because there's no visible progress in the space of one day, she thought it "hadn't worked" and kept mentioning this salon run by Africans who know all about dreads. It was annoying, and it was also very pointless of her cos I guarantee if I'd agreed to go, she would've talked me out of it after seeing the price of such things lol.

6 years ago
1 posts

UGH! yes, i get "when are you getting them re-done" & when they see loose hair they say "they are coming out" pure ignorance =/

west of tazzmania
6 years ago
20 posts

I have alot and since my dreadies are so short a lot of people just think im nappy and urging me to go get my hair twisted professionally lol the semi neglect method has my dreadies looking beautiful only after 3 months... I also get a lot of question about washing only to surprise them with telling them that i wash as i often as i please, but usually twice a week. I never plan to have a loctician touch my hair it isunnecessary, im just as capable and also know my dreads far better than a salon could....

Mel Jay
6 years ago
2 posts

yes!!! its always like that for me

☽ Jasper ☾
6 years ago
29 posts

haha! This happens to me! I'll get the "you should get dreads, I mean just do it already." haha well I have quite a few on my head right now they just aren't all the same size and they aren't globs of hair mashed together but thank you for your input :) My favorite comment of all time was by a girl that isn't very nice and she backcombed, croqueted, tnred, attached extensions repeatedly, and bleached her locks for two years and...finally took them out, I am always one to support people in their struggle but uhg I'm telling you they looked filthy and unhappy :( but one day she was talking down to me about how "you really shouldn't get dreads because dreads are so high maintenance and it takes forever to "fix" them and they are so expensive and hard to maintain!" I almost laughed out loud! but all I said was "...uh yeah I don't touch them, or do anything at all but wash." her mouth dropped open and she was so mad! "nothing!" she said stunned, and I just shrugged, she didn't even believe me! haha :)

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