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Curing Cancer

Sebastian Martinez
7 years ago
6 posts
ppl are getting cancer when it can be cured. so i looked up this book that tells u what u need to know n has links to resources. click the link to download the eBook, file is PDF. i use adobe reader. this is me Sebastian Martinez posting this Not spam. anybody n every body DON'T GIVE UP

updated by @sebastian-martinez: 01/19/15 11:18:10PM
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,334 posts

do u have cancer?

umm hate to break it to u but ppl have been curing cancer for well as long as theres been cancerr but noyt every type can be cured everytime yea ppl should never give up cause giving up will get u everytime

but 1/2 the cures are more deadly then the cancers tghemselves

and theres no "secret cures" believe me anything thsat works ppl know about

anything secret is just marjketting bs buy this snake oil and cure cancer

either way this didnt belong in the dread forums but in a group or in the extended forums

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Sebastian Martinez
7 years ago
6 posts

no i dont.

ur not breaking anything to me i know that but other ppl dont. n you are wrong it is possible for any cancer to be cured not maybe it is a fact it has bin done there is proof.

yes a lot of cures are deadly more than cancer witch are the cure every one knows about, the ones our country uses n makes money off ofwitchis the real snake oil that works less than more

you would have to Actually READ the Book to Understand

Im sorry I didn't know about the forums, i was just trying to help even if only one person

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