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1 thing you all can be doimg better to help the community

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,328 posts

you may notice when adding photos discussions blogs etc thrres new text above the title area (example from this discussion:

When adding discussions, please remember to provide a descriptive title, and tags. Enclose multi-word tag groups in quotes like "dread journey". There are too many discussions with titles like help or :). Only use titles you would search for to find your discussions using several key words in search engines. Thanks

theres simular reminders added to photos and blogs
why is this important?
nobody ever searches for dcv_37345.jpg or photo uploaded to dreadlock forums or help or :)
and if they did theres a million pagres on a million sites titled help or :) and tens of millions of picturwes titles dcv35535.jpg
titles.. good searchable titles are extremely important..uniqque titlkes containg descriptive keywords
so are photo descriptions and forum posts body texts
example : a post like
Title: how often shoiuld dreads be washed?
body: well?
is useless
add some text!
when adding pics a paragraph descriptions great ..a few words is ok but doesnt give much to index
but at least say what it is my dreads at 6 months is better then a blank description
and tags tags are page keywords as well these are no longer very important to most search engines (google ignores keywords) but are important for 2 reasons
1 the internal search (the 1 at the v ery top) uses them to find content and
2 there are tag pages with every post/pic/vid etc taged with those words listed now google may ignore keywords but may index all pages tagged "wasghing dreads"
tags as single words are ok but multi word tags are better
when adding tags many do it this way
tags washing dreads the 1st time when is it ok to do
then they show up this way
do when dreads ok washing it is 1st
insread group keywords in "quotes" like "washing dreads" "1st dread wash" "whens it ok to wash dreads"
now that gives tyou something to search by since nobody searches for "ok" or "is" or "it"
now 1 thing i would love to see this week as a bare minumum effort is
go through your photos and any titled 123456_987654_3458 or photo 43
or anything nondescript give it a good title at the very least!

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:13:36PM
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