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why our dreads products accessories shops are better then dreadheadhq knottyboy

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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why our dreads products and accessories shops are better then dreadheadhq and knottyboy

dreadheadhq and knottyboy sell mass produced one sixze/style fits all garbage tams and dread bands are more about advertising the brand with great big logos then about providing a quality product.

the shops at dreadlockssite sell nothing mass produced instead we provide free shops to anyone who makes (ethical) dread products and accessories.

hand made tams slouchies and dread hats

can be custom made to fit perfectly and fit yoir unique style

dread beads

dreadheadhq and i believe knotryboy too sell crap plastic beads that are worth pennies but they ell them for rediculous prices the wood beads are painted but 1st time u wash your hair the paint comes off

the shops at dreadlockssite provides shops free for crafters that make hand made unique often one of a kind beads coils peyote stitches hand blown glass beads and more.

dread soaps and shampoos

knottyboys dread soaps are..ok not great but are pretty natural and work (however untill they stop pushing wax most dreadheads recomend fully boycotting them) however dreadheadhq's soap is all harsh chemical crap containing sls that the american cancer society recomends be removed from all cosmetics . dreadheadhq in responce to this claims to know more about cancer then the ama and cancer society and claims its safe do you trust your health to someone notorios for destroying dreads?

the shops at dreadlockssite has several options not just one

we have a few all natural (some vegan) dread soaps and shampoos with no sls no chemicals that come in dozens of heavenly scents are residue free and leave your dreads clean healthy and happy.

clothing and fashions

dreadheadhq and knottyboy sell t shirts stickers bags etc all with the brand nake and logo shamless self promotion (they also sell t shirt sleeves to use as headbands that cost more then the t shirts they chopped them off of!)

the shops at dreadlockssite has many gifted seamstresses that design and hand make unique fashions with no logos just unique styles


i'm not sure they even offer jewlry but if they do im sure its just as crappy and mass produced as the rest.

the shops at dreadlockssite has several unique crafters that design and create unique jewelry and accessories.


the shops at dreadlockssite also offers more from fossilized prehistoric dinosaur sharks teeth to esential oils body butters perfumes and more

all hand made with attenton to quality not just spreading a brand name with mass produced garbage with a lable slapped on.

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