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I have a wedding to attend. What's the best way to clean these up? (Pics)

7 years ago
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I have been trying to go natural but I'm not completely sold on it yet as I have various functions to attend and would like to be able to clean them up. I know Aloe is the recommended route here but are there any other options? I have been backcombing my loose ends after I wash to thicken them up.

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7 years ago
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umm we;ll 1st off throw the comb away the backcombing is why ethey look like that

and uu should not be backcombing the loose ends anyway

now i dunno what to tell you about cleaning those up for 1 your sections look rediculously large and very poorly defined

now you say your "going natural:' but then your backcombing which is not going natural at all

so if your already not going natural id splut those up into smaller sections and twist n rip then do aloe

twist and rip would look a hell of alot better anywaay

the funy thing is if u did go natural the natural messuiness wouldnt look 1/2 as messy as th backcombed . umm..(sdont take this as critisism) but i dunno what to call that cause it looks more ulije u backcombed all the hair into just a general backcombed messines instead of individual dreads (although u can kinda seee the intended dreads which are reallly large)

so id split em up

and eigther go natural from there or tnr the newer smallrr neater sections and it will look much better right away

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7 years ago
2 posts

Yeah, by "going natural" I guess I was thinking of product free but your right. I noticed some of my smaller dreads are holding up but I sort of wanted to start thicker ones that's why they are so huge. I guess I'll have to really let them go natural from here and stop futzing with them. I'll have to give the aloe a try. Thanks.

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