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why i edited a blg post

!!emoji!!1!!emoji!! soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,329 posts

we have a responsibility as a community to provide good helpful info on dreadlocks on healthy dreads not just any dreads

so a post on how to poke holes in dreads thart did not include a warning that its not a smarrt thing to do was irisponsible and harmful


maybe her goal was to limmiyt the damage ppl do ..or maybe shes still just stuburnly deffending her harmful methods whichever the case may be i cannot alow any irisponsible "tutorials" on how to harm dreads the right way

its like teaching a kid how to steal and not get caugfht

its teaching someone how to do something bad. a better way

now i do agree that its helpful to tell ppl not to just go thrusting it in over and over like youtube suggests

but to not include a warning about the harm it does still implies its harmless which we all know is false

if anyone posted how to wax dreads without overwaxing id have to add a arning to that too

as a site we have a responsibility to provide info on healthy dreads not just make 1 person feel accepted for continuing to push harmful methods

i did not change the essence of her oost only added a warning lable

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:07:09PM
Mark Fry
7 years ago
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Keep it up SE. There's always going to be people having a whinge about something. I agree with what you are doing, but I also understand where she is coming from as well. She obviously believes wholeheartilythat her method is not a bad for the dreads. However having a warning in questionable forum posts is a smart thing to do. We all need to be protected from information that can be damaging.

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