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hard water solutions

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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so many ogf yas have a hard time dealing with hard water causing many shampoos to leave gross residues well you can try shampoo after shampoo till u find 1 that works or you can fix the problem directly

i suck at drawing so not going to even attempt to sketch

out these ideas

instead i'll just try to explain these concepts in detail

now many of these ideas are theoretical at this opiint and efficincy can be improved with redesigns

1st off free green recycled versions

slow solar distiller


metal box 6 inches deep

glass or plexiglass to cover

flat black paint

coper tube

2ndary cold water coolant (kiddie pool will do)

construction metal box painted black inside on an angle towards the sun glass or plexiglass cover with waterproof seal (dread wax?)

2 holes at top 1 tube in attached to common hose , slow trickle fill however

u do not want the water level to rise to the top

tnd hole coper tube extending upwards then down couled in the pool of cool water then back up over the side into a recepticlye for colected distilled water ..u dont need to boil to create steam just evaporation and condensation its a slow system except when you can generate actual steam. near boiling temps (if insulated should reach 170 degreees or more on cool days)

more efficient version slight expense maybe

solar reflector parabolic tube or dish that focuses the sun on a black painted tank to boil and generate steam (have a presure relief valve so no chance it explodes)

other hen that the setups the same

wood burning or other heat source version just replace the solar with a fire or heat sourse

and tanks with 2 55 galon drums

im sure these ideas can be improved on

but basicly thats easy to build water distillers

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