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watch google the next few days (knottyboy and dreadheadhq are about to go down!)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,332 posts

i've been busty as hell working on my business site the past couple weeks ( ) trying to get that doig well for extremely competative keywords and learned a hell of alot i the process applying what i learned to our site here we gained 2 search possitions in 2 days for the very competative words "dreadlocks" and "dreads"

this is the reason for the simplified titles and headings changing the tagline from dreadlicks forums dreadlocks methods mainrenances products free dreads to simplty

dreadlocks natural dreads

its not to brond the sit e as a natural dreads only site but simply to reduce the excess words giving more importance to the dreadlocks and dreads

taking this a step further we now have 3 nearly identicle yet not identicly front pages

combined with the other work ive done the last 2 days i believe we will reach number 1 search possittion fopr both terms soon if not at least in the top 3-5

we are now at 6 for dreadlocks 11 for dreads

if we take over position 5 tomorow we're above knottyboy if we reach 4 we take both down (for dreadlocks ..dreads will be lil harder to take em down but we will)

sorry biyt being so inactive on the site lately but i have been very active in the backgrund

and the next few days should see some big improvements on the site and in our search ranking..

we are headed for the top..

watch google the next several days..we should rise pretty quickly

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Dreadlocks Site
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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/13/15 09:04:18PM
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