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the old "my dreads are fine i'll do what i want" argument

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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when you tell ppl somethings bad for their dreads most appreciate the advice and learn from it

though 1 out of every..several hundred at a guess has the oposite reaction

they get angry and start saying "my dreads are fine i'll do what i want"

insisting they know bwtter

its true many dreads do survive harmful methods

many do not though

but it always confused me why someone would choose to take that risk and ignore good advice

it reminds me of this guy

the duck who survived with an arrow though his head

he swam around living life like nothings wrong

with an arrow through the brain

other ducks might say look at hat guy his arrow didnt affect his life in any way

your just a fear monger telling me not to get shot in the head

after all its proven that an arrowthrough the head isnt the end of the world so leave me alone and let me get on with shooting myself in the head

theres a certain type of person who will ignore all good advice no matter how much sense it makes

they will always shoot themselves in the head just cause they think they will be 1 of the lucky ones wjho not only survive it but get to sport a nice stylish arrow though the head

chances are all theyre stuburn insistance that theyre just fine will still leave them just another statistic another death by ignorance

yet some may not die right away

they may survvive ayear or 2

till they get an infection or anorismin the brain

or other complication (after all they werewarned of many many dangers of putting an arrow through the head)

then again theres always that 1 miracle who survives just fine for 10 years or more..thats the idol they point to and say see hes just fine so i will be too

its kinda amazing hey ignore all statistics.. all the ducks that turned into dinner after an arrow through the head..all the ones that were served on a plate instead of going through life with a stylish arrow to be proud of

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