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locticians and patents on dreadlocks

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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ok so today a loctician joined im sure with the purpose of spamming, i went to look at their site but the site no longer exists or something, so i searched it out and looked at the cached version of the site and what i saw desserved a lil discussion

1st extremely poorly designed site.. one of the most ameraturish sites ive ever seen (who remembers the simpsons episode wherehomer desides to start an internet business (thik it was caled hyper-mega-global-megamart or something) anyway this site was that poorly designed

with links to knottyboy, wax and more but then i saw something totaly rediculouse

they pattented the name loctician so any salons within virginia that called themselves locticians were subjuct to fines

none of the gallery uimages worked, but the salon owner (the 1 who joined here i supose? and calls palm rolling the best methid for dread creation) used a dread perm on her own


im babling just cause was lik surprised that any business would ever make such a poorly designed site and any clients would ever trust anyone with such a poor site

but what really inspired this discussionj was the pattenting of the term loctician..

1st off its a made up term lock-technician..implying needing a technical degree to knot hair

then the pattenting of a hairstyle that occurs from lack of styling is just a joke

then theres locticians (im not in virginia you cant sue me hahaha) that actualy do waste court time fighting battles over who can use techniques like interlocking (yes im looking at you siaterklocks and nappylocks) add in the weirdsisters pattented system (crocheting they wont admit is crochrtinmg)

its all just a lil bit rediculouse

hell i hho spear toothpaste and peanutbutter in their hair in attempts to dread at least they arent trying to lown a style or proffit off owning the rights to a word..

ve alot more respect for misguided kids who smear peanutbutter and toothpaste in their hair in an attempt to dread at least theyre not trying to proffit off owning the rights to a word..or pretending they alown invented the art of hair knotting

i dont have anythung against dreadheads helping ppl to dread but this whole loctician thing..its gotta be a joke right?

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updated by @soaring-eagle: 01/19/15 11:12:41PM
7 years ago
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Wow. All I can say is wow. Although this kind of reminds me of when bottled water first came on the scene and everyone was like "bottled water? How can you CHARGE MONEY for bottling water which anyone can just get out of a tap?" Well look at us now. Isn't pop culture weird?!
7 years ago
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It's frustrating to see how petty people can be, and sadly, this is about as real as the ability to sue someone for serving you hot coffee.

I would like to believe that maybe it's someone who has good intentions but their path got diverted along the way by something. It's also something that may be a sign that could be good or could be bad, which would be locs are becoming trendy and people are getting them without really having and understanding of their importance.

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