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Ear piercings + dreads problems.

Panterra Caraway
7 years ago
666 posts
I thought I was the only one with this problem...guess it is common. I have several piercings in each ear and I am getting caught up all the time :(
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Vegan Didj
7 years ago
1 posts


I'm new to this forum but thought this might be something I know a bit about! I have 30 facial piercings, with a large amount being in my ears. I have a scaffold (industrial) and 32mm tunnels in each lobe, along with nose rings lip rings septum etc. My dreads are about 3 years old now and well past my shoulders. I find that my dreads do catch on my piercings occasionally, but the longer you have them the more you get used to it. Like some of the others said with dreads the length you have a hairband or tam would be best, even bandanas etc just to keep it off your face. I work with animals so have to tie my hair back all the time, and this doubles in keeping them out of my piercings! The best advice is just see how you go, don't rush into removing something you might regret. Try a few things out, alter the type of plugs, get a hairband and see what happens :)

Fairly epic first post but hope it's some use!


Gabe McCoy
7 years ago
120 posts
I finally found out something that works. I just always buy tunnels for my guages and I always wear closed hoops or studs for my lobes and tragus
Spider Feet
7 years ago
458 posts
It was bothersome when they were healing, but now I just grab the dread and rip it off of the piercing.
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