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Island Mamma
11 years ago
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Sweet! Alex Angam said:
I got really lucky this year and had a bunch of heirloom seeds gifted to me, and we also have a lot of corn and pumpkins that pop up in random spots because some seeds got tilled in. We call them volunteers, and they are really some of the strongest plants in the garden :)

Island Mamma said:
Just wanted to bring up a point about your seeds and plantlings.

Make sure you seek out heritage/heirloom seeds and plants because they are not genetically modified and you can yield the seeds from your harvest.

GMO seeds and plants, which make up at least 90-95% of available seeds and plants are very chemically laden and also modified to NOT produce from seed the following year. Yep the bastards have patented life (old news but still new news for many)

So ya buy heirloom/heritage and collect your seeds, you'll be healthier and happier for it.

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