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Travis McCulloch
13 years ago
2 posts
Ok PEOPLE!!! im in a serious loving mood right now so lets say things we love!!! :D anything! we dont judge ;) we all love eachother! so ill start! :Di love my beautiful amazing wonderful perfect girlfriend, i love life, air, music, my guitar, snow, my friends, my family, hugs, kisses, that feeling you get when you know life cant get any better than it already has, you, did i say my girlfriend already? well i say her again, i really do love her. uuuuuum.....yeah!!!! thats about all i can think of at 1:00 in the morning! :D bye guys! spread the love! i love you! :D
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
13 years ago
29,625 posts
feet?ill make it simpleeverybody everythingexcept hate and war and violence

My new book Ban The Taboo Vol 1
Mary Vee
13 years ago
12 posts
I love love.I also love when I make other people happy just by being me. Cats, long boarding, music, singing in the rain, kissing in the rain, slow dancing to no music, my friends, my family, my sister, YOU :) I love feeling like I've accomplished something and I looooove feeeling like I'm going places. I love traveling, I love living with my best friend who makes me feel amazing all day everyday. Really, I've never felt the way I do from anyone else in the world. I've never taken a drug that makes me feel better than he has. I love that. I love Natural endorphins. :) I love feeling better. laughing so hard and so long till you cry, hugging someone very tight for a long time. cuddeling, i love being naked when i'm outside and ever though I don't really love my body, I love being with other people when all of us can be naked, haha. And I love making friends.this was a good post. It's a good way to get people to think about the things they love in the world instead of the things they hate. Good job, I love you. :)Love and Peace,Mary Vee
Jessie Carr
13 years ago
61 posts
I love green things, my boyfriend, nature, colours, fruit, life. and probably moer but I just got distracted hahah ^-^
13 years ago
187 posts
I love getting up early in the morning while the sun is just starting to rise and seeing all the dew sparkle in the grass and on the flowers. I love the way the world looks after the first quiet snow, when it lays on the branches of the trees and covers everything lightly. I LOVE my coffee at 5:30 a.m. I love the clean way it smells after a rain. I love the smell of a clean old barn and the sound of a snorting horse. I love watching my children chase lightning bugs to put in jars. I love watching the bats fly around our fields. I love the smell of a campfire and a charcoal grill being lit. I love the peaceful, angelic faces on my children when they sleep. I love my family and I love that God has given me these blessings to enjoy everyday! Great post!!! Thanks for giving me a thankful moment in my hectic day!!!
13 years ago
155 posts
I love my two cats, lil g and zoey, I love music, my guitar drums etc, I love girls and girls with dreadlocks, I love finding money in pants I havent worn for a while, I love beer and weed, I love my car even tho it barely gets me from point A to B, I love sleeping and dreaming, I love trees and flowers, and nature.I hate politics, arguements involving religion, stuck up snobby ppl, I hate it when your having a awesome conversation and it is interupted by a phone call-kinda rude. I hate burger king, I hate the kardashians, etc I love hate, and i love love.
13 years ago
68 posts
I love my son. My husband. My mom and the rest of my family. My friends..especially my best friend julia who has always accepted every single part of me without an ounce of judgement.. dylan.. tom petty..concerts..dancing. singing.. a group of friends all singing together haha.. reading a really good story that makes me want to stay awake all night to finish...good lyrics.. people who can play intruments really well.. camping and campfires.. food :) especially candy and anything sweet. I love feeling happy. Having a clean house. I loved being pregnant and now being a mom. I love finishing an exam and feeling accomplished. I love making good friends..traveling..being able to live in different places. Etc Etc Etc.
13 years ago
844 posts
My family friends and my cats and traveling, and my job and when it rains at night, something comforting about that. =)
Jim the Kraken
13 years ago
81 posts
Friends, family, learning, music, and the sounds of the world.
13 years ago
21 posts
I LOVE PIZZA! I love all the different ways you can eat it and nothing goes better with a cold beer and a good movie :)
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