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For those with conservative spouses & family..

8 years ago
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Just had to share this today because it meant so much to me. For all of you out there who have seen my posts and know that I have an "uber-conservative" husband and you have a family member at home who is the same - have hope!!! I put a few beads in my hair the other day (found some beads in the garage my husband uses for fishing of all things) and pulled it back to run out and do a few errands. My husband saw the beads and casually asked "you didn't pay for those did you? - because I have some just like that in the garage!!!) I laughed and said "I know" and winked at him and of course he got the joke and smiled at me. Then later in the house he pulled me aside, hugged me and called me his "little rastafarian". Now my husband has lived and travelled all over the world so he knows, of course, that having dreads has nothing to do necessarily with being rastafarian. However, in his own "dorky" way, he was letting me know it was o.k. and he loves me no matter what. it meant so much to me, especially since he has expressed his extreme distaste for dreads in the past. I just wanted all of you to know that minds can be changed, and myths about dreads can be expelled. So for all of you dealing with doubting relatives and spouses - keep at it and stick to your guns, because if I can convert my husband??? - I have hope for everyone. Now, for my mother.... ;)
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Lonnie Berg
8 years ago
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Wonderful news, he's gonna love em as much as you do.....congrats :)
8 years ago
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Its great to see people come around, good for you!I did start transitioning to dreads three years ago but my sisters laughed it all off my head, i definitely couldnt show my dad, eventually i straightened my hair but last year i started transitioning back to the natural state and i refuse to allow anyone hate me out of it, we have the right to like what we wanna with no explanations.
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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yook my mom 15 years to come around but in the end didi think anyone would when they stop focusing in the negatives and get a glimpse of the positives

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8 years ago
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Such a cute story! Thanks for sharing!
8 years ago
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Thanks for sharing your story, I too have super conservative family members. I am definetely the black sheep in the family and stand out with my piercings and dreads. I still haven't had to face much scrutiny from my family because they live 2000 miles away, but I am nervous for the reactions I will inevitably face. What I don't understand is why people who are against dreads feel the need to verbalize their opinions and put down the person with dreads. I mean, I don't tell someone that I don't like their new hair color/cut or whatever it may be. Most of the time when I do get comments on my hair I don't even feel like I owe people an explanation on why I decided to have dreads, it's my decision so don't worry about it! Anyways I am rambling so I will end this now.
8 years ago
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YAYS! = ) That makes me feel better!
8 years ago
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yea me too!!so happy to hear that:)Bonnie Hazen said:
YAYS! = ) That makes me feel better!
8 years ago
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awww how sweet :)i got lucky my boyfriend thinks dreads on a female are adorable :) and they mom kinda freaked when she first saw but then i explained they were a way of expressing myself and she ssaid fine as long as you dont get lice :)
8 years ago
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Well, it would be kind of hard for my husband to be a total ass about it all the time. After all, he does have to live with me - that and he would miss all the sweet lovin' he gets!!!! LOL!
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