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Cutting Locks

8 years ago
212 posts
my friend just cut her locks -- from below her waist to a lil over the shoulder length -- african hair -- no unraveling.
updated by @illumiknotty: 07/23/15 06:18:52PM
8 years ago
212 posts
They really don't unravel. Although you do have to use some really good scissors on them if you want to actually be able to cut through them depending on how thick they are.and if theres wax in them then you can't get scissors though them no matter how hard you try.
Ryan Emmel
8 years ago
85 posts
Johnny Clean says to cut the dreads at an angle. I know he's the devil and everything (o_0) but manicured dreads are kind of his profession.
Tαvΐα ♥
8 years ago
3 posts
On a few of mine, I got impatient waiting for the wispy ends to dread into the rest & ended up cutting the wispy parts off. I lost a bit of length, but they look a little more tidy.
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