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How often do you hit people with your locks

Spider Feet
10 years ago
458 posts
Hehe, I bet that was awkward for them. Iain said:
MiDread said:
Iain - you're so cute you could smack me with your dreads anytime LOL!!! Just kidding... ;)

lmao, that's very kinky indeed! :P

IllumiKnotty said:
ive gotten hit with dreadlocks when i am cuddling them ^^

lol, least that's in a good way :)
apparently mine touched someone on a camping trip and they thought it was a bug or something and they yanked my hair >.<
just now remembered that one,

updated by @spider-feet: 07/23/15 06:57:35PM
10 years ago
64 posts
Happens all the time with me. Me and some friends sometimes end up in a tickeling fight, and everyone ends up getting smacked down by my dreadlocks. And, whenever someone around me have a webcam conversation, i sneak up behind the camera and dangle the dreads before it. Cthulhu attack! >:PAnd when i was to a Dimmu Borgir concert last year, my headbanging (or should i call it dreadbanging? it feels totaly different than headbanging with normal hair) made people pull away beacause they hit them so hard :P
10 years ago
11 posts
ha gigs are always good for knocking people about, not that i mean to but it can be fun :P i love it when i go on buses and acidently hit some old person with them when i get up, they always give me stinking looks like i just did something bad :P my friends have also used them aganst me too, its not far whipping me with my own dreads :P
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