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Overshelmed and not even sure where to begin!

9 months ago
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As I stated in my intro I'm here for my teenaged son who is on the autism spectrum.  He wants red dreads.  I am trying to make this a reality for him, but every time I find information I find other information that says it is bad to do things that way.  My son is half white and half African American.  His hair is soft, thick, and curly.  It is about 7" long when the curls are pulled out.  I try to keep him away from chemicals.  Does anyone here use a wash out red dye that shows up on black hair and isn't detrimental to dreadlocks?  I am worried that I will make mistakes and that he wont be happy with his dreads so I am trying to learn everything that I can before I attempt to start his hair.  Can I use the natural method and get a neater look?  Is there a best method for his hair type? What about dread size?  Do I try to make the pieces even?  Thin or thick?  Do I not use a hair product to hold the dreads although his hair is soft?  So confused.  Please, any input or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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9 months ago
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definaytely no products natural dreadings best in any type hair. um beets can be used to create a burgandy colotr unsweetened koolaide can be usd for neon bright colors but id recommend a henna

dreads look best when they are a variety of sizes within a range hes confortable with

is he communicative? ask him include him in on choices

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9 months ago
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He is verbal, but he has ADHD and learning disabilities.  I have been showing him pictures and letting him point out what he likes, but often times there isn't any info on what method was used.  I think the natural method would probably be best for him because he doesn't like to comb his hair or have me to mess with his hair.  I have explained to him that there will probably need to be some twisting and maintenance especially at the beginning and he is okay with that to get what he wants.  I will look into henna, I can't imagine the kool aid showing up on his black hair very much.  He wants like wildfire red hair and I refuse to use chemicals to lighten his hair as he has other issues like very sensitive skin.

7 months ago
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@sparrowings If your son doesn't like to comb his hair or have you mess with it, Natural/Freeform locks would be the way to go. However I'm not sure what kind of dreadlocks he would be happy to wear. Residue free shampoo and time is ALL that's needed. As for making them Red? I have no idea. I hope your son gets the hair he was born to wear :) ALL hair-types will Freeform dread.

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