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new server upgrade and other news

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
3 weeks ago
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about 2 years ago we bought our own server cause i was spending 3/4 of my income on a server for max performance. i couldn't continue living off next to nothing and 2-3 members of the community made fantastic donations (highest was $500!) to buy the server. but it was underpowered, and has had issues all along (videos don't convert properly, backup issues etc)

i paid a guy to fix it but  instead hes  offering a server, as fast as the old 1 or slightly faster for slightly less then i'm paying now!

at the same time i was being doubled billed for 1 thing and just got a big refund which i immediately invested into

so in the coming weeks we will be 100% "powered by bitcoin" hence the new ad at the top if you decide to invest in a future of passive income (with amazingly high return on investment..i use our link and it helps support the site while supporting yourself and your future

that leads to the next topic, the shops section is  going to be  upgraded and rebuilt soon (waiting for the new shop system to come out of beta)

when it does the whole sites 'skin' will be going through an upgrade and possibly slight redesign (are you happy with current design what would you like diferent)

thats going to be a big project

in other news of a more personal nature. 

will be flying in the 1st ever 'bus class' (2 seat) national glider competition in the spring will be the main beneficiary of any of the excess funds the cloud bitcoin mining brings in.. but thats not till next year that i'll be able to withdrawl large enough sums to be a major supporter

so to prepare for the national competition we need to raise a min of 16k to resurface the wings (cracking and bubbling from sun and moisture, needs to be done every 15 years about)

so have a gofundme here

new server should be ready to move onto it in the next few days

might have to put site in maintenance mode for the transition

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