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Considering removing dreadlocks

6 months ago
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Hey, before I dreaded my hair I had a kind of straight hair, not so thin. I dreaded my hair with about 4.5 inch of hair at the front and around 2 inches of hair at the back, I did my research but I didn't see this as a problem because I was going to dread my hair at a salon and wanted to see if it was possible to dread my hair. I reached out to a few other salons, they said my hair was to short. But later I dreaded my hair, it's now extremely short at some places like the sides and back and it looks really bad. I dreaded my hair 2-3 months ago. Some dreads are barely half an inch and i'm starting to wonder if the people who dreaded my hair did a bad job. I'm considering getting dreadlock extensions just for a few months until it gets longer, or just remove them and try again when I have longer hair. Can anyone help me? What should I do?

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6 months ago
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I'm quite new to all of this unbrushed hair too, I started my journey in April. My longest hair was past my shoulder blades, about 20-24" long, now it's pulled up into itself and the lock is about 3" long! But shrinkage is normal. As long as you can separate the roots I'd say buy a couple bandanas for in public and continue to let your hair do its thing.

the good thing about starting with such short hair is that as your hair grows it will lock itself!

If you haven't yet done so, I highly recommend Vicky's dreadlock shampoo. It's fantastic for all hair types, locked or otherwise.

check out the guides and pages on this site, many of my questions were already answered.


6 months ago
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@ Sky ... Agree 100% ♥

   When I first started my locks, I also had quite a bit of shrinking.  This is absolutely normal.  By constantly fidgeting and fussing over your dreads on a daily basis will only cause you to become frustrated.  You have to let your hair grow, let your locks dread on their own, sit back and be patient. *pops popcorn* Wink

Why do people insist going to a salon? There is no logic in this action.  Hair simply locks on its own, without 'paying' anyone to do it for you.  Salon's only exist to take your money. That's it.  Why allow them to do so?

Be Well! ♥ R☮ZE ✌️

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." - Jimi Hendrix
6 months ago
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Thank you for your responses! It really means a lot

6 months ago
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Mine shrunk ridiculously too! When I started my hair was as long as my dreads are now and they shrunk up to my ears! Check out my 3 year timeline. It was a tough stage. Be patient and try not to worry about them and let them do their thing and it will all be ok. Stay away from the salon!

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