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having anxiety about shrinkage

2 years ago
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I'm having so much anxiety right now because my dreads are getting shorter... My dreads are now 3 months old and they have got very short, and I don't think its only because of them tightening, my hair has been breaking in the process of dreading them and re-dreading them... So I know they will shrink more and it scares me. I don't like short hair on me. One thing more that bothers me is that I have much shorter hair on the back, and they're still kinda soft, so I know they will shrink more. My hair naturally grows really slow... So that kinda sucks. I don't know, I just had to tell about this to someone.
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2 years ago
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I think you look good! :) I'm actually sooo trying to be patient for my dreads TO actually start shrinking. I have a few that have already gone through the whole process (have started growing out again) so I can assure you they will, but yeah. I'm looking forward to the short ones! I have a few 3 to 4 inchers, but the rest are still long, like 12inches or so. hehe grass is always greener! :)

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2 years ago
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they look great but its all them tightening  ..what do you mean about dreading and redreading though that caused the damage

look at it this way when they finish shrinking they just grow and grow

when you comb hair you damage it in the form of split ends  these split ends get trimmed off every couple months, so for every 1  inch growth you trim off 1/2 an inch..sometimes more

that's why they grow slow grows at 1/2 inch a month ..sometimes faster  when its done shrinking  theres a couple months of zero growth then slow growth ..then fast

its typical by year 2 you grow beyond what you your length hair anyways

people with waist length hair can have it shrink to the ears  only to then take 5 years to get back to waist

the fact yours is about shoulder length means it will shrink a lot less and be back at ..or beyond this length within a year of being mature

i started with short hair.. 6 inches in the long areas 3-4  in others  because i started natural i didn't really notice shrinking as they grow the same amount as they shrank in that year

a few more years and i was sitting on them a few more and they were at the ground

i think you can deal with shortening hair for a short while in exchange for a lifetime of growing it longer then you ever dreamed possible

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2 years ago
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I recommend you begin taking a daily multivitamin with biotin to help your hair grow. Drink plenty of water, eat clean protein, get 7hrs of sleep, the usual... definitely don't mess with them that will cause unnecessary stress and likely result in breakage. Shrinking is a good sign, just breathe and remember it's a journey. Buy some cute hats or scarves if you really want to hide them during this stage.

2 years ago
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I can feel you on the shrinkage.  mine started at almost midback.  now my most mature dreads that have finished shrinking are about ear/jaw length. I lost 2/3 of my length.  I have one that is only 2 inches long.  I luckily have some in many different lengths and stages so it is about shoulder length at its longest.

Shrinkage is part of the journey and you need to embrace it.  looks like you will have a lot more to come.  try different styles and ways to make it not bother you as much.

What is your hair looking like now?

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2 years ago
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I have lost a TON of length as well. My saving grace has been bobby pins and headbands (when I am out in public). I leave my hair down when I am home, which is pretty often- I am a stay at home mom. One of mine is 2 inches in the back. Whew! What a journey this has been. 

Keep up the good work! 

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