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Washing dreads

9 years ago
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Hey everybody tomorrow I will be doing my first wash after a whole week since I sectioned my hair and did some backcombing. I will be using Dr. Bronner's liquid soap and I'm just wondering if there is a particular/different way to wash your hair I mean, do I just grab each (soon-to-be)dread and one-by-one apply the soap? or do I just wash like having regular hair? should I be more gentle when lathering?Also, I'm going to try using aloe vera on my hair to see how it turns out for me, but should I put it on before or after washing my hair?Any help is appreciated, and if you have any tips about washing dreads please feel free to add your thoughts.Thanks!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
9 years ago
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dilute bronners 12 times motre water then soap!!!!!!1then put on scalp scrub scalp only!!!rince trough dreadsdont use aloe at all unless your dreads get too dry or that will make em unravelif u need to be extra need put a lil aloe in a spray bottle with water sprits on smoothe it inits conditioning so only use as needed

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Lonnie Berg
9 years ago
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When I used Dr. Bs I'd just mix like a tablespoon of Dr Bs to about 12 or so parts water in an old Dr B bottle, squirt it all over and just kinda rub it around a bit, didn't really scrub. Then rinse, rinse, rinse, and it worked great for me. But once I tried the baking soda and ACV rinse I was hooked.
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