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Thin and fine hair!

5 years ago
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Hey guys!

So. I've restarted my journey. Had a haircut. All short now. Anyways!

I had all my dreadlocks combed out yesterday. Now. My hair is thing and fine. So it looks rubbish when just long. It's always "puffed" up, and when it's windy it goes all over. It's not like "thick" hair. is there a way I can get thicker hair?

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Gingerlocks. Sorry the dreads did not work out for you, at least you tried. As for your thin hair, go to a health food store where you live and talk to them about the thinness of your hair strands. They should be able to help you out with that. Let us know what they recommend for you, it will be interesting to find out. My mom also has thin hair, always has, but she never tried anything to thicken it up, so I certainly know where you are coming from.

Hope you are able to get your hair how you want it. All the best to ya Gingerlocks.....Peace

5 years ago
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Hair thickness is based on genetics. We can not change our genes. Diet can effect our hair skin and nails but it can not change our genetics either. Eating healthybenefits your hair. I also take daily supplements of Biotin. Biotin encourages hair growth. It does not store in your body so it needs to be taken daily. Also blood flow to the scalp encourages growth. I know people that swear by hanging their head over the side of the bed for at least 15 minutes a day. Massaging the scalp also helps with blood flow.

My hair is thin and fine. To look at me with dreads most people think i have thick hair but i do not. Healthy dreads get quite thick. I could use one of those tiny little girl's elastics to put my hair in a ponytail before. Now i have to use a cloth headband to get around my dreads to make a ponytail. I cannot even get a scrunchy to go around twice.

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