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do hats stop dreading??

david powell
5 years ago
1 posts

hello everyone! im in the process of letting my hair naturally dread and have a quick question.

i work five days a week for just about five hours a day and i have to wear a hat along with a ponytail. will this stop the natural process of dreading?

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5 years ago
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I was in the exact same position, i had to put em up in a ponytail and then put a hat on for work. im 6 months in and let me tell you, they are locking up really well, you'll get kinks if you use a skinny tight band to put em up. i wouldn't recommend it necessarily, just how i did it, but i have some thick thick vines and i have naturally silky hair so don't worry, they will lock up. ive went weeks without washing and weeks without even letting them down too. washing, lettin em down when you sleep, letting em free, all obviously speeds up the process, but again, they will lock up.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,187 posts

if they are down and loose the rest of the time it will slow but not stop dreading you also will have to seperate more

it will want to become a pony dread

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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If you must tie it up, using a shoe lace an tying it loosely would be better. The texture of the shoe lace keeps it in place...Peace

5 years ago
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Get yourself a tam to wear. Much better than your every day ball cap!

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