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Time span of natural locking?

Jimmy DC
5 years ago
87 posts

Hey guys its me again, i'm two days away from the two week mark and i'm starting to see a little, but realized that for this journey I will have to be really patient. So I was wondering how long does it take or do you think it'll take for my hair(curly, 6 inches of length) to start locking up and seeing progress? Also I thought it would be interesting to know how long it took for your hair to start locking up? and how long is a typical amount of time for dreads to start maturing? I know I'm just getting a bit too excited about this, but why wouldnt I, haha. Well any answer is welcome and any recommendations would be very much appreciated. I just got my lockin up shampoo, is this gonna help? Thanks

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
28,335 posts

yea it does the pink sea salt probly way more well

\nibe dreaded fast in back slower on top

bakk i think under 2 weeks top month or 3 or 3 later who can remember

whats a week a month a year/

when theyre 10-20-30 years old will it matter if 1 dread showed up friday at 3:23 and the next sunday at noon?

its just a year from start to gfinish usualy and a years not a very long time

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5 years ago
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i started to get my first knots around 5 months. at 2 1/2 years my locs are finally mature. it's a long journey but i kind of miss all the crazy knots, loops and bumps that would show up in the beginning. just embrace the process and the end results will be glorious:)

Baba Fats
5 years ago
2,730 posts

They typically go through 3 major phases. Within the first 6 months, you usually see tangles start and a lot of shrinkage. Your hair will generally shrink to about 2/3 to 1/2 the original length. Around the 4th month is the messiest stage for most people. At about 8 months-1 year, they will begin to be pretty much mature, but the roots will still have about 1-3 inches of straight hair. That's normal. They will now begin to tangle and knot that section up. So even though your hair is still growing at the same rate, you'll go through a number of months where it won't seem to grow at all because your roots are tightening. Once your roots are tighter, they will grow like crazy.

So it takes about a year, on average, for locks to mature. 2 weeks is nothing. Unless you are like Ixchel or myself, where we didn't see any progress for about a year. But people like that are a tiny fraction of the population.

Jimmy DC
5 years ago
87 posts

Yeaa it's true soaring eagle, it really won'tt matter when they start coming and a year really is not that long of time, I'm gonna try to keep a picture progress timeline and posted at 6 months to share my progress. Btw with the Pink sea salt spray, I am probably not gonna order from the site for a good two months or so bcuz i got two shampoos which should last me a while, is there any way I could make a homemade sea salt spray?

@heather I agree I will probably miss them loops after the dreads have showed up, but right now I really want the locks, haha its funny how we don't realize how special some of the small things are until it has happened. Thanks for your kind encouraging words.

@Baba fats Thanks a lot for all the really good info your teaching me, it is true that one learns something new everyday, I would have probably start worrying about it if you had not told. And one more question man, does the on-growing hair will have to lock upevery time1 inch or so grows or is it just gonna grow indreadlockform or would it take some time for it lock?? it's not that important but I'm just wondering

5 years ago
13 posts

From my experiences the freshest 1-1.5 inches of hair doesn't quite lock up til it grows out . So you will always have the 1 inch but it doesn't show really .

I just passed my 1 year natural mark at the end of last month.

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