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To Seperate or Not?

Danielle Hache
5 years ago
101 posts

nice looks good. so funny cause i ended up separating too. 3 big dreads over the weekend , i couldnt comb out though i ripped them apart and it wasnt too difficult i guess they really wanted to be apart...:)

April Brown said:

Update: I did comb out just the one that was pulling on my scalp.. kinda sad but I knew it was gonna cause problems later if it got heavy. I'm leaving it out until I wash with BS and then I will probably tnr it into three smaller dreads.

updated by @danielle-hache: 07/23/15 05:06:02PM
April Brown
5 years ago
49 posts

I have one that I think would rip apart easily but I hate the ripping part so I left it lol

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