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My Sons Mother Has Been Breaking Out, (acne/blemish's) Quite a Bit Lately...

6 years ago
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She is of African American decent, and I'd really like to help her to get her skin clearer. What I'm wondering is if anybody here could point me in the direction to some faces washes (essential oil wise or soap bars) that I can order offline or get in stores. Maybe some people on here who are African American have some special mixture of oils or anything that has helped you in the past in a more natural way? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Eddy St. King
6 years ago
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Neutrogena 2 in1 Fight N Fade Toner. Miracle for african american skin. She'll love me for recommending it. For moisturizing, use extra virgin olive oil on face in small amounts, making sure it's rubbed completely into the skin to absorb it. pat dry the excess oil with a tissue. in a month she should see major results.

6 years ago
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Thank you Eddy St. King, I will mos def. pass this info on to her for her to try. I think she's basically willing to try anything at this point!

the Barrellady
6 years ago
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A product called African Black Soap works wonders for blemishes, & African American hair. It comes in liquid form and black soap bars. Use as the daily soap for all over! She will get much use out of this product.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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teatree oil if its eeal bad comfry as a salve or something wich willk drawl all the crapout of the skin like a soonge

possibly some antibiotic herbs might help too logke goldenseal oregon grape etc

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