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Life in Color (super awesome giant paint party)

5 years ago
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So I'm going to Life in Color and it's a big ass paint party which means I'll be covered head to toe in paint. Idk what this will mean for my dreads. Should I cover them up with a hat or just make sure to wash them really well afterwards? From some pictures I've seen people's hair is drenched in paint. I've never been though.

Have any of you been while having dreadlocks? What did you do?

Also, I'm super pumped about going!! It's going to be so freaking awesome.

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the Barrellady
5 years ago
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It does sound freaking awesome, you are going to have such a blast. When it is time to wash it all off, shower first and rinse your dreads until the water seems to be clear, then soak in the tub for a long time, head under water.... If the water needs changing, do the end, shower off once more. Just to be sure, do the same thing for your next hair wash. Let us know how the fun was

Laura Earle
5 years ago
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Awh, that sounds awesome! there any way you'd have access to a shower before the paint starts drying?

5 years ago
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Yeah, we will most likely get a hotel to stay at so I will have access to a shower!

Robyn, they are all over! Check out their FB page to see if it's anywhere near you. Just search Life in Color World's Largest Paint Party

It's not till April but I'm super excited and wanted to know about my dreads, I will definitely let you guys know how it is!

Brandon Goeman
5 years ago
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Hey Anna,

I've found myself in a similar situation where the event sounds amazing, but I am cautious of the lasting effects on my dreads. Now that April has passed I am wondering how the experience of washing the paint out went for you. Any feedback would be helpful.


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