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parting hair necessary?

Camron  Nava
5 years ago
3 posts
My hair is still short.. but when it gets a little longer... is it necessary to part it.. like down the middle.. or whatever? Do i absolutely need to? (Im doing natural btw) or can i just let grow the way it wants to grow.. (besides seperating when it starts to dread up)
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5 years ago
8 posts

Completely depends on your own personal preference, and the way your hair falls. Middle part is probably most sensible however, as it leaves more room for your roots to separate and clump together if that makes sense.

I just let my hair fall naturally in the back but part it at the front as I have bangs as normal hair. Goodluck, love! Just let it be.

Baba Fats
5 years ago
2,710 posts

There's no need for a defined part. I never had one even when my hair was straight. It's all about how your hair falls. If you part down the middle, you'll have an almost equal number of locks on either side. But you don't need to feel like you have to do anything

5 years ago
334 posts

I'm not really a fan of clearly defined parts. Ipreferto have it broken second dread in. But whatever your hair does naturally is fine. I however, am lucky with my curls. Early on I wrapped loose hair around a section that was forming. The curls stuck and I don't have a proper part any more.

5 years ago
836 posts

I have a natural side part. It is not as defined nor straight with my dreads but it is still there. Don't worry about it, your hair will do what it wants to do. :)

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