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Im back ! With some more questions (:

5 years ago
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my hair recently just turned 5 months old, its crazy ! almost a year and a half . my roots are completely question is , i had alot of thin hair when it was undreaded. i have 34 dreads now, but i want them thicker .the ones in the back at my nape are as thick as those fat sharpies. but get thinner in the front, fatter than pencils fat would they be if i combined afew together and brought it down to like 20 or 25 dreads?ill post a picture if i can later when im not on my phone .another question, where can i get wood beads? i cant seem to find any , i have to be able to pick the hole size .thank you guys ! (:
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5 years ago
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i use beads from Micheals. but any craft store will do. i would say maybe put a couple together temporarily and see how you like it. maybe theres somewhere local where you can get som artisan beads. i use glass beads mostly but wood are more comfortable. you could loosely wrap some of the dreads together. remember the thicker they are the longer to dry.

5 years ago
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I buy wood beads at craft stores. Ive hand carved some from beach wood too. Then i carve out the hole to the size of my dread using a dremmel or a drill.
the Barrellady
5 years ago
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Hi Jessica. The mature dread will be the thickness of the section at the roots. A 1" section at the scalp will grow into a 1" dread. To joint thin ones together, use beads or wrap together with embroidery thread. Remember to make sure the roots are side by side before you join them. I think dreads are lovely when they are all different thicknesses.

5 years ago
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I would wait. My dreads shrank for 2 years before they started growing. They shrank and got fat. My hair is very thin and fine like yours. Since your dreads are only 5 months old...they will most likely knot up tighter and get bigger too. So my advice is to wait and see what happens :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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agree with taye 5 months is still very young 20 dreds would be really fat over an inch maybe 2

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5 years ago
27 posts
So even with thin hair, 25 dreads would be really fat?
5 years ago
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Yeah, Taye is spot on. wait until they are mature and then let them congo, if you want them fat. It's better than finding out that they are way too big for you, down the line.

5 years ago
27 posts
Taye your dreads are like exactly how I want mine to look!So if you say you had thin hair and they got fatter ill definitely wait
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