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shrinkage! calling all curlys!

Ashley Ray
6 years ago
2 posts

I am wondering if any natually curly/wavy do's gone dread can tell me how long it took until you realized you werent losing length any more? I've lost around 5 to 6 inches on some dreads in 3.5 months. I think I'm nearing the end of shrinkage but I need some faith!

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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
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doubt your near the end your probly bout 1/2 way there if that..

but as they get tight they shrink less

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6 years ago
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I just hit my 4 month and I have about 6" of shrinkage so far. I'm pretty sure it all has to do with how long your hair is to start with though. My hair was mid-chest and now it's shoulder length. a lot of my dreads are tight almost all the way to the scalp now.

6 years ago
47 posts

I'm at my 4 month mark also and I started off with hair a little below the waist and now its about mid chest.. just depends. but I don't believe mine are done shrinking at all.

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