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Blow drying dreads?

7 years ago
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Will blow drying my hair after washing slow down the dreading process? If so, why? I surely use a blower after to fully dry if it's late or to blow off flakes of dandruff.
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
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not sure probly not but u want to avoid heat damage so only do quick short bursts and not hold it it on 1 spot long also low heats better and using a diffuser is best

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Baba Fats
7 years ago
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I use it once in a while. Like Eagle said, just use it in short bursts and move it around a lot. Some blow driers even have a little button to push for cool air. That's better. The wind will still dry your hair, but it won't cause heat damage.

7 years ago
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After blow drying, if you have a cool shot button, use that because heat changes the bonds in the hair slightly. Also, heat does cause damage is used often, that is why there are heat protection sprays available to help prevent that.

Also, you can pick up a sock diffuser at Sally Beauty Supply, if there is one near you (don't know any other places that sell them) and the socks fit pretty much all hand held dryers. This will diffuse the air coming out of the dryer so you get more heat and less blast.

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