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Dirty looks and negativity

Jordan Toler
6 years ago
23 posts
How do you guys deal with negative comments and dirty looks from people? It seems more recently I've been getting some pretty weird stares from people and some random people calling me bob marley or rastaman. I dont let it bother me so usually I'll ignore it or smile back. Just wondering what you guys do :]
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
6 years ago
28,335 posts

i dont think most of them that say that are meant to be insults or teases it just their dumb way of relating

they see someone with dreads and they just auti relate it to the few ppl they knew of with dreads

depends on the tone of voice i either nod at em or act like i didnjt even hear it

you'll get em qlot so let it be the bacground noise of life no more distracting then the hum of cohbstant trafic noise (city) or crickets and birds(country)

do you worry biut the sound of the wind>/

its just background noise

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Jordan Toler
6 years ago
23 posts
Thank you both, SE and Jonathan that is actually exactly what i needed to hear haha. I do try not to let it bother me but I'll do exactly lileyou said an just let it be. I can completley relate to what you said jonathan because i also have tattoos and stretched ears, and I follow buddhism, and youre totally right about it eing your journey and nobody else's. You guys are great thank you both again.
Necia Stoll
6 years ago
34 posts
I get so many ppl asking how long it's been since I brushed my hair. You shoul see the horror on their faces when I say I can't remember lol. I just laugh. Ppl already knew I was weird, those that can't handle it have already been weeded out. But out in public with strangers, I just get looks to which I reply with a happy smile. Cuz I AM happy! Why should I let them change that?
6 years ago
45 posts

What a great thread. After reading up on some passionate opinion blogs around the web, it seems there is a lot of misinformation and some downright hatred (mostly due to myths about white folks not washing ever, and/or wanting to appropriate "black" culture)... Agreeing with Britany - looks like education is key!

Mine are just into the 2nd week, and all I have is fuzz now, but when they start to show, I think I will do a PSA before every public presentation I do, to just dispel any thoughts that I might not wash my hair and to invite questions afterwards. I own a wellness center in a legal town in Maryland, and I have a feeling the folks around here are not going to take too kindly to my choice once they figure out what's going on. It's going to be interesting either way!

Looking forward to more responses on this.

Luke Kwiatkowski
6 years ago
14 posts

You guys are all correct I believe. I get comments ranging from "rastafarian" to "dirty hippie." I believe these comments come from a tremendous lack of knowledge about dreadlocks and their history in the world. People also often assume that I don't wash my hair. I don't take offense for the most part; I just try to educate them a bit on dreadlocks. Soaring Eagle I think is also right. Dreads are very noticeable and people may like them and just not know what to say to you about them and so they say the first thing they think of when they see them.

The only people who really have a problem with my hair is the older generations. And by that I'm talking people 60+. I don't care what they think so I usually just laugh it off. It's pretty silly that they worry about it at all.

6 years ago
10 posts
I like what Luke said, the 60+ generation acts like It's then of the world or something. Haha, but its been done since the beginning of human kind. I love getting the looks. Ignorance IS bliss, for those who don't understand human nature and the naturalist part of the human psyche that we just can't ignore. Hair grows whether you cut it or not. So get the clue. Let it go and let it grow.
Rachel NattyDee
6 years ago
74 posts

I wear my locs like a crown and hold my head up very high, the negativity can't touch me, I'm on a different vibe ; )

6 years ago
121 posts
Idk I'm on day 6 here but I had run into a "friend" from high school and she told me that I look like a dirty hobo(the nerve!). I almost let it bother me and after letting her know how positively rude she had just been, but I ranted to my real friends and got lots of love and support. Ive also had the synthetic raver/goth dreads for years so I'm pretty used to the gawking looks and down right rudeness of people. Most are just curious and don't have an appropriate brain to mouth filter, and the ones who are just plain rude like the above "friend" can learn that this gentle kitty can have claws lol. Just don't let things get to you, and when it does, rant and let it go. :p
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6 years ago
3 posts

You are not your hair.

It's an expression of your inner self, but it does not define you. Your tattoos, piercings, make up, clothes, etc are just superficial and material.

The real dreading, IMO, goes on inside you, I think SE & others say that the dreads grow inwards too... it's a change of culture, lifestyle, attitude and altitude.

People always lash out to what they don't understand, in an attempt to rationalize and validate their own choices. As long as your choices are true to you, the exterior will just be a reflection of whats on the inside.

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