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Angel Frye
8 years ago
409 posts

No, I didn't get to eat at the Hellbender but I did pitch a bitch-fit when Cafe of India was sold and the next owners ran it into the ground. The previous owners were a family and we were regulars they knew. The mango latti's were to die for in the summer time. They even made their own paneer. I really miss them.

I didn't get to partake of a whole lot of the offerings there besides working locally and getting to watch couches being lit on fire during football season. It was outlawed my last year there but ye gods, what a bunch of crazy afts. The car insurance companies in that area should have a couch-fire-related-burn clause in their contracts with as many related fubar's happened in the Stewart St. area. One guys porch burned to the ground. TAKE THE COUCH OFF the porch you dumbass, before you light it on fire!!!!! Oy vey. Drunkards.

With as much walking as I did on campus, I might as well have walked down to the Hellbender! Looks like a wonderful place. And it's a hop, skip, and a jump over from where I lived- right across the Westover bridge. I loved how relatively close everything was there in town. The bus system rocked. They really catered to the students and therefore the community thrived because of it.

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Baba Fats
8 years ago
2,702 posts

I never went to Cafe of India. But the Hellbender was amazing. HUGE portions and great prices. And the food was to die for. If I take my girlfriend to WVa, I'll make sure that a stop for us.

I never knew about the couch burnings. That's hilarious. Who would burn their own couch on their porch? Drunk hicks, that's who.

It might be such a republican hick state, but the hiking and scenery was the most amazing of any state I've been to so far.

If you ever go back, if you only have time to visit one place, go see Dolly Sods. It's further south, but worth the drive

Angel Frye
8 years ago
409 posts

Will do!

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