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Ok, who is this person and how did she get such gorgeous dreads???

7 years ago
50 posts
Everytime I log in I see this picture and think... my hair is roughly that long, maybe a little shorter, but I don't think it looks nearly this beautiful! How can I get my hair like this?? Without going blond that is! lol!
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,335 posts

thats her

and according to her info shes tried every method the best by far being natural but this time was backcomb and crochet

and its pretty odvios too not a method id all

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7 years ago
50 posts
Ahhh yes, I actually suspected this - they are just too perfect. Well, I have not crocheted at all in fact for the life of me, I have no idea how someone would do that. It seems terribly tedious and I am just not that interested in putting that kind of effort into my hair - which is why I love just letting it go in the first place. SO ok. My hair will probably never look quite like that. It's ok, I do love her hair tho, but I am also loving the way mine is turning out. The top is really dreading nicely, the underneath is much messier and clumpier - lol! But that's part of the process and progress right?! Thanx SE :)
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