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Crochet or Knit Tam Patterns

7 years ago
16 posts

Hi. I've looked on this site for a thread about patterns for tams. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but I can't get the search function to work. It just keeps loading without results. Might be my internet browser?

I'd like to have a go at making a tam for myself this summer but can't find the pattern. Does anyone have any links for a tam pattern they would be willing to pass on for me to have a go at making one for myself as a project?


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7 years ago
39 posts

This is a good video. Keep in mind that there are five parts to it.

Here is another one:

Also, hit up for patterns.

Hope this helps...

7 years ago
16 posts
Thank you very much for those links. I've had a look and they're great.
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