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I want to know if I should do what this guys says about washing his hair.

Rey Matsuzaki
7 years ago
23 posts to 6:50He starts talking about washing his hair and how it helps form dreads.I want to try it but I have straight hair so if I do the same thing while washing my hair, will it undread it or will it dread it more???
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
7 years ago
28,273 posts
nah its actualy better to use a hands off way but if u do use a bar that cant hurt altho i think only using fingertips to scrape the scalps better

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7 years ago
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Try head and shoulders I've used it since I started 8 years ago and I've never had a problem. I never even thought to use anything else, shampoo has always been the thing for me. Any shampoo, I even used head and shoulders 2 in 1 cause it was bought for me on accident. Nothing happened, its not going to remove the dreads unless your only like weeks in.
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