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does anyone get snaged on tree limbs as much as i do?

8 years ago
10 posts
i love nature, walking thro the woods, trotting tro the jungle. but if i forget a hat... i get caught on a tree or whatever (being tall dosent help). I wanna hear some horror stories of dread snag.
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Nathan Warren
8 years ago
35 posts
beware of Velcro! i found out the hard way lol
8 years ago
145 posts
I got stuck in a dress I was trying on for an upcoming wedding, the zipper snagged a dreadie and I couldn't go out half dressed to get help!
Eva Deva
8 years ago
36 posts
mine constantly gets snagged on the zippers of my hoodiethey also get caught on limbs - and today i was strollin thru the halloween section of goodwill and my hair got all tangled up on this horriffic sequinned 80's wedding gown.vile.
8 years ago
10 posts

tatyananashi said:
I got stuck in a dress I was trying on for an upcoming wedding, the zipper snagged a dreadie and I couldn't go out half dressed to get help!
8 years ago
834 posts
in the woods were i take my dog every evening there are lots of locust trees...those trees have caught my hair more times than i can count. but my biggest snag was in a set of wind was dark and i was outside on the porch of a friends house. The more i tried to get them out the more they became tangled. took 2 people to get em out of my hair. it was funny. and kinda embarrassing.
Jessica Arnold
8 years ago
17 posts
I always get my dreads caught in a bush hanging from my fence. Every morning when I go out to unlock the gate I snag a few berries in my dreads that my bird helps me pick out later. Also, the other day I was walking through a Halloween store and my dreads got caught in a spider hanging from above. He wouldn't let go! D:
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
28,958 posts
1 gathering i giot there when i opened the car door i dropped something out the door i leaned out to grab it and came up with all my dreads fused together by thousands od prickly mugwort seed podsit took days to get em outive had my dreads so caked in mud they were 3 times as thickoh not a snag exactly but kindas craxzy..ark gathering swimming in the river the bridge was poorly designed basicly a damn (why it washed out the night of the heaviest rain) with 1 1 foot wide hole under itso that hole hadthe entire river going thru dreads got caught in that suction and tried pulling me through it..loloh well wasnt a stick that got snagged in new mexico but a sisters nipple ring..ouchim always getting snagged ..or worse stepped on but those are the more memorable ones

27 years growing dreadlocks the natural way
My dreads are over 10 feet long

also on the board of, and a student glider pilot with freedoms wings international - soaring for people with disabilities
8 years ago
55 posts
I hate it when that happens.My biggest problem is that I either get caught in my daughter's earrings when I hug her, or I get caught on the hook just under the car door. Man that sucks, especially if I'm in a hurry and I try to jump in the car real fast.
Fay Brotherhood
8 years ago
59 posts
Lol I have only just started dreading this week, I have spent my whole life with my hair stuck in bushes....... it just loves tangling itself round things... its like an octopus... i have never been naturally neat and tidy lol........I'm actually hoping that having my hair condensed into dreads might prevent QUITE the level of entanglement I currently endure :P
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