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Length of dreads

8 years ago
4 posts
Hey, so I have been neglecting my hair for about a month now and things are locking up quite nicely. I have pretty short hair right now, 6 inches or so, and I am wondering after my hair locks will it continue to grow in length, because I don't really want super short dreads for too long, I would like them to get long. Should I take them out and grow my hair before I start, or leave them in? thanks
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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
8 years ago
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dude u gotta start somewhere to get to where u wanna gowhen i threw away my comb my hair was only 2-4 inches and i wanted em to the groundi got there but not right awaywhy would u step backwards to go forwards? if you want dreads that are long then start growing em as soon as possible

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8 years ago
19 posts
By going neglect your hair will look like it is not growing for a while but it is, it is that your dreads are tighting all the time once your dreads start to form and get tighter then you will notice them gettin longer this may take some timeIf you were to brush out and grow your hair longer you would still be in the same perdicament or worse you see srinkage of your hair as it forms dreads( this is not a bad thing but is more noticable on peaple who start there dreads with longer hair)
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