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Newbie to dreads and site

last year
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What's up? I'm a newbie to the site and to dreads, after research I'm decided free form was the best way to obtain dreads. I don't really wanna damage my hair to scalp. 

Going to attack pictures to give everyone a visual of my hair type and length. 

Right now I'm just letting them do their thing separating like every couple days and palm rolling once in awhile so they obtain the shape. . 

Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated.

This pic is after I've separated and palm rolled without any thing to hold. Don't wanna get a buildup so I'm unsure what I should use with palm rolling or if I shouldn't use anything at all

last year
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I wouldn't bother with palm rolling, the locks will form themselves. My last set i started with that as well, this set I've done nothing but separate and they've formed quicker and more comfortably without. Just my two cents. Welcome! Aloe is great on the scalp, washes out clean, if you notice itching or dandruff. :)
last year
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The only thing palm rolling really does is weaken the roots and the hair will be twisting from the roots as you do it. Knock that on its head and get some good shampoo and you'll be alll set.

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