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Brushed ends

6 months ago
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I see a lot of pictures of people with their ends brushed people do that on purpose? Why? 

6 months ago
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I don't think people purposefully do that, It's just a lot harder for straight hair to dread unless it's forcefully blunted, But it could be some kind of fashion trend i'm unaware of?

6 months ago
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I think it’s personal choice, I don’t know if ends blunt on their own, I know they can be forced if you want them. I’ve read that blunt ends hold water in the dread whereas wispy ends help the water drip out, so it could be a convenience thing too. I prefer wispy ends over blunt ends personally, think it looks more natural and that’s what I’m going for 😊
6 months ago
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From my experience the tips just don't lock up the same way the rest of the hair does which is what makes it look wispy.

I really don't think anyone actually brushes them out.

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6 months ago
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Half of my dreads have have blunted ends. The other half is whispy. It just happens by itself.
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6 months ago
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yes  and the blunted ones dry 5 times slower so some do brush theends out..or try to but if they want to blunt they will

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6 months ago
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Awesome! Thanks for the education on it!
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