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4 years ago
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Around the 4 month mark the loops started making their appearance. I’m at 6 almost 7 months now.  My gallery has some loops pics . I’ll post more later on. 

4 years ago
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Im only 2 weeks in but i cant wait for the loops!

I'm pretty sure I started getting loops within days of switching to the Dreadlocks Shampoo.

If you aren't using it already you really should.

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4 years ago
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yea 1 freind complained that 6 or 8 months in she had only 1 loop she used the dreadlockshampoo only once and her whole head went loopy in a day. she'd been using a store brnd shampoo before that

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4 years ago
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All this talk about loops, please stop ! You'll reach a point where you'll look back and miss them. At least for me :((

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