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Should i grow my hair more before i start freeforming..

5 years ago
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Hi is it possible to freeform dreads when my hair is super straight, greasy, not even touching shoulders? I barely even brush it and it doesn't knot. Wondering if i should grow it longer first? Or if i should even bother trying freeform.. I've attached a pic. Thanks

my hair.jpg
my hair.jpg  •  91KB

5 years ago
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It might be worth growing/cutting out the layers because it will probably make it difficult for the hair to section but that's just a guess really.

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Peace Shalom
5 years ago
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First question is how are you washing and cleaning your hair? Any hair products like conditioner?
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
5 years ago
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yes you can!

its long enough (barely) the greasiness can be adjusted with how youu wash

how you wash and dry matters a lot 

shampoos that keep hair manageable prevent tangling

try the liquid'

wsh hot to remove oils but rince ice cold as long as you can 

if you wash daily extend it to every other day maybe every 3 or 4


this helps slow oil production stripping oils daily makes the scalp overproduce going into survival mode

thyme tea (strong0 as a after rinse  can help  regulate oil production..again slowly

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5 years ago
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I know this thread is a couple months old, but a I still needed to reply.
@daisywoods The thing with *FREEFORM* locks is that You don't actually start them. They start themselves. As long as your shampoo is residue free and you throw away your brush your hair will lock when it's ready to. It may take a while, but it Will happen.
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