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9 months ago
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I'm trying to do neglect/freeform. I'm a human and sometimes I get an itch, and sometimes its on my scalp, and I itch it and it feels good and goes away immediately, just like everybody else.

Will this ruin my dread growth and development? I itch with 1 finger, not my hand & only the tip, not my nails.

Should I ignore my itches? I feel like I should be in a straightjacket when I try to ignore these everyday normal things.

9 months ago
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Sometimes i scratch a little with my fingertips too, but not too obsessive and mostly only once. Did you ever try cold rinses with water? After i have changed my washing routine to rinsing with cool to cold water after shampooing, my scalp feels way less itchy than before. Right now i feel those itches maybe a day before next wash, so mostly 5 or 6 days without any itching.

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9 months ago
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i have the same experience as @dread-stpauli

i'd also say if you were in a straightjacket, and had an itch you couldn't scratch, that alone could make you go cray rather quickly.

i only have the itch the day its near wash time, its usualy a dry flake of skin in a small patch, i do use my nails and scratch it off. 

but was told scratching with nails too much can increase the itch ..

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9 months ago
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Just spray 1 little spray of regular water where the itch is, it will go away, works like magic.

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